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The Spear Firm promotes excellence in leadership without compromising compassion for our clients in and out of the courtroom.  Our staff is motivated to gain the best possible outcome for our clients and their families.

It is believed that a legal team must be aggressive and combative to get the best results, but we also believe the best results can also be obtained through encouragement, inspiration, and understanding.  We understand that when you are injured, your perception of time changes and we aim to give you time back by focusing on your goals:  mentally, physically, emotionally, spiritually, and financially.  

Ultimately, we believe the client controls the best outcome whether it be medical benefits, emotional benefits, or financial benefits.  We believe you have one mind, one body, and one opportunity to heal both.   Healing is accomplished by either gaining money to create your own path, or by gaining the authorization of the medical support required to obtain your goals.  

We uphold the traditional values of law as they should be made, applied, studied, perfected, and taught, while communicating, advising, researching, and interpreting the modern legal world so that our clients may find the best possible outcome for themselves and their family. 

The Spear Firm

Meet Ryan

Founder/Attorney Ryan Spear
Founder/Attorney Ryan Spear

Ryan Spear


In 2008 I became a Pinnacol Assurance Cradle to Grave Workers Compensation Insurance Adjuster.  I quickly realized that insurance companies measure success by measuring the distance between increased corporate money and the decreased time of an injured worker.   Which means spend as little as possible to close the claim as quickly as possible.  

As a person who has an enthusiasm and passion for life I believe “time is something that cannot be bought, it cannot be wagered with God, and is not in endless supply.  Time is simply, how you live your life.”  I live my life betting on myself.  I am not an expert at time or life, but I know my life is better when I teach what I know, listen to your story, advocate for optimism, and compete against my fears.  

I left Pinnacol Assurance and became a workers compensation consultant for various law offices in Colorado.  At the height, I was working for 7 different law firms and over two dozen attorneys each specializing in representing injured workers in Colorado.  Although I enjoyed what I was doing, the hours of travel weighed me down.  After years of consulting, I began working as a Senior Workers Compensation Paralegal at Kaplan Morrell where I realized that I had more to give – so I again bet on myself.  

In 2016, my wife and I packed up our house and left for Arizona where I attended law school.  Upon graduation we moved back, and I took a position working with injured workers at The Law Office of Richard Blundell.  Under the tutelage of Richard Blundell, I began my litigation work and sharpened my negotiation skills.

Those who know me best understand that I am a competitive person.  I want to be victorious in everything that I do.  I could be playing board games with my wife, running races with my daughters, or playing football with my friends.  I want to win at everything I do – but more important to me is who I celebrate with.  I want to cross the finish line with those who have helped me and those that I have helped.  

I can speak of working with Colorado Hall of Famers, NFL Hall of Famers, and countless “Average Joes”.  I can add all the settlements together for “victory” and I can describe how immense my knowledge of adjusting claims helps me be “successful” for clients.  But the truth is, if I do my job successfully, you, your family, and your support team will solely focus on healing.  And when we cross the finish line together, you will have met all your goals – mentally, physically, emotionally, and financially. 

The Spear Firm